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Welcome to the Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi.  We are a  ministry for people and their pets!  We invite you to list your prayer requests on this page.  Please note that this page is checked frequently throughout the day.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional spiritual, end of life or grief needs.  Thank you and God bless you! 

Prayer for lost pet

19 hours ago by The Doak Family Pray for me
Please pray for our lost dog, Tokyo, a Yorkshire Terrier. We pray that he is safe and is being cared for and for the return to his family.

prayersfor pg and mom

23 hours ago by pretty girl kennedy Pray for me
Could you please say a prayer for a beautiful little dog named Pretty Girl and her mom, Diane? PG is so very sick and her mom is distraught with worry and sadness. Pretty Girl may be called to rainbow bridge. Please keep them both in your thoughts. Thank you.

Financial Security

3 days ago by Anonymous Pray for me
Please God help me to find a good job. Please help me to find a job where I am treated with respect. I endured a lot of bullying at my old job and I don't think I can handle another job like my last one. Please God help me to forgive those who have hurt me, and most important help me not to hurt other people. Please help those who I have hurt to find solace.

Little Spike

5 days ago by Tamara Pray for me
Please pray for little parakeet Spike, a special needs parakeet I "met" on Facebook. I took to him for some reason...His mom and I message regularly, and I have sent him toys. Spike has a tumor on his left wing and has for some time.Recently his health has started to go downhill, and the tumor has gotten very large.He now has no use of his left leg because of the tumor. Spike's vet says his time is near. Please pray that Spike will have no pain in his last days. Please pray that the time he has left will be filled with joy and happiness. Please pray he will have happy days with his little buddy Houdini.


7 days ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please God if it be in your will then spread excitement, solutions, encouragement, wisdom, positive progress across the world. Also God if it be in your will then provide instant healing and happiness for Nicholas Blankenship of Tampa. In Jesus Christ Name I pray and say Thank you Amen.

Healing Prayer Request for Millie

11 days ago by Russell Pray for me
Hello, I was wondering if you all could please pray for my beagle, Millie? She has either a torn ACL or Arthritis in her front shoulder. We love her very much and hate to see her in pain. Thank you VERY much! Sincerely, Russell

Prayer request Toby who is going blind

12 days ago by joyce Pray for me
Please pray for Toby my daughter's beloved dog who is almost totally blind and has some other health problems also, we all love him very much and he is a wonderful loving pet, please pray for him.

mis understanding with wife

4 weeks ago by inder jeet kapoor Pray for me
Brother due to some misunder standing with wife seema and daughter Harshita with seema both we are leaving separate from 18.8.2014, no further result, brother now she told me if you buy two room flat, then I will come, sir she have her own kothi given by her parents, I don?t have money to buy another flat, kindly prey change her mind in the mighty name of jesus. Inder jeet kapoor

please pray for him

1 months ago by megan Pray for me
Please pray for Ronald Varner. He has two lesions on he lower spine and two on his hip. They just started acting up to where he was having trouble walking. In two weeks time he has went from a fit hard working man to where I have to take care of him bathe him and everything. He can hardly get up he is using a wheel chair, lost his car, can't pay child support, and lost insurance to his car. We are both Christians and love the Lord. The doctor thinks it might be cancer and ordered a biopsy on his lower spine to take bone marrow. That surgery caused more pain and they didn't get enough bone marrow to show anything. Now the doctor wants to wait another 6 weeks. Please pray if it is in Gods will that it is not cancer and that some way we find the answer to whats causing his pain FAST. He is the first person I have ever loved and I feel he is being taken away from me. Also please pray for strength for me to be strong and keep him positive until the end of this difficult road.

Healing and adoption of my cats

1 months ago by Bonita Pray for me
Dear Mother Mary, Thank you so much for helping me all this while. Please help my Sweety, Goldie to get adopted.Tell Jesus to heal my Prince and one eyed tom cat. Please help me get Romeo sterilized, heal his eyes & make them to stay in my building.Teach my cats to urinate&pass stools int he mud the staircase & make them to stay in my building .Guide me to a good place in America with the best airline to take cats in cabin and with a good tourism job in america
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