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Welcome to the Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi.  We are a  ministry for people and their pets!  We invite you to list your prayer requests on this page.  Please note that this page is checked frequently throughout the day.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional spiritual, end of life or grief needs.  Thank you and God bless you! 

My Dog Cant Jump Up

3 days ago by c Pray for me
Please pray for my little rat terrier. I've taken her to the vet and all her blood work checked out normal but she is still having problems jumping up on things. I am afraid she has hurt her back. Please pray that the Lord will heal her from whatever is causing this and that the Lord will bless her with a long and healthy life. She is my baby. Thank you.

Ming MIng again

4 days ago by Tamara Pray for me
I have requested prayer many times for my parakeet Ming MIng. Now, in addition to his chronic stool problems, he had a flying accident. He crashed into the wall hard and went down the back of my dresser and the wall. He was ok but the next day was holding up his foot. During the day he got worse. I took him to the Emergency animal Clinic very early this morning, where they said it was not broken and gave him pain meds. He is to have strict cage rest for 7 day. He is in hisl ittle travel carrier with some millet on the floor and some water in a crock. He is eating a little better than yestersda. Which is a great relief to me. He is mostly laying flat on the floor though. The eating is a good sign, but I pray he is not in too mucfh pain. The vet said his pain is 2 out of 4. I hate to see him su as he has the other health problems. He is 8 yearsold. Please pray for Ming Mings recovery from this tragic accident

Storm's surgery

6 days ago by anonymous Pray for me
Storm will be having dental surgery on March 23. She is 12 years old and she has seizures and is on medicine. Please pray that she has a safe surgery and fast recovery. Update on Storm: Thank you for your prayers. She did great. She did have 12 teeth pulled. She's home and resting and doing good. Thank you so much.

Senior cat surgery

7 days ago by dmc Pray for me
My 13 yr old cat has to have his teeth cleaned, please allow him to be ok.

Alcoholic son's recovery

7 days ago by dmc Pray for me
I pray for my sons desire to be sober, healthy and resposible to be stronger than alcohol.

Prayer Request

9 days ago by Phil Chavez Pray for me
Please Pray the HOLY SPIRIT leads as many people possible to pray for this Prayer Request...Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 21 years,I'm 43 years old now....Pray also GOD Blesses every person that Prays for me...Thank You

Missing Cat

13 days ago by anonymous Pray for me
Our cat which we have been fostering for 9 years (came to us as a stray) has gone missing this afternoon. Her vision is has been failing over the past week. She wandered off on her own. We tried looking all around the neighborhood for her numerous times in sunny spots (she has been following the sun recently) to no avail. Please pray for a safe reunion and that she may be OK.

heal lymphomas/lipomas before bursting occurs or surgery...

13 days ago by suzanne o'meara Pray for me
Please pray dog Jigme will heal the lymphomas/lipomas & they will not burst or form cancer ulcers sores . he has had tons of natural herbs remedies . the swelling inside the front right armpit now looks at point of going to burst any minute . am praying it will not burst . please save the dog from the corrupt vets & surgery . please take into account that he has been given so much natural care & more , & I am vegetarian spiritual. please may these swellings not burst & stop draining or moving from one to another.


13 days ago by Mary Pray for me
Pls. pray for a sweet dog with a bad injury

Samantha's surgery

2 weeks ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please help us pray for our sweet Samantha's surgery tomorrow. We found a lump on our german shepherd's chest and they are going to remove it. Please St. Francis pray for her to have a successful, safe surgery and please, please that it not be cancerous. Amen.
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